Pre-design of steel frames

By means of the PRE-DESIGN program module approximate dimensions can be determined within fractions of a second. This module has primarily been developed as a sales facility. Already at the first inquiry from a customer approximate dimensions, steel weights and surfaces can be obtained. This forms a convenient and precise basis for the elaboration of a tender.

But also for architects, developers, consulting and planning engineers it is of particular importance - at an early stage of the design process - to be able to settle the bearing structures. Possible requirements for free space or room for cladding, ventilation, installations, etc. will be met during the entire project. Hereby re-designs which are both time consuming, frustrating and expensive may be avoided.

Program module PRE-DESIGN may be run as a separate program as well as an integrated module in a more comprehensive HALBER installation. The module supports Eurocodes, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Austrian and German codes and languages, all safety classes and terrain classes, slotted or on-welded wedges, etc. etc.. As integrated module the approximate dimensions can automatically be transferred to a detailed analysis in the proper HALBER system. Here the exact positions of purlins, flexural torsional buckling supports, etc. are taken into consideration.