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The backbone of steel frame buildings
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Erection Plan

Erection and foundation plans and accumulation of drawings and BOMs

The CAD-drawings comprise of:

  • Foundation plan with dimensions and positionings of point foundations,
    stripe foundations, tension bands and anchor irons
  • Erection plan for the building inclusive of wind lattices
  • Elevations of all the appearing sub-types of frames
  • Furnishing drawing of wind lattice and end plate furnishings
  • Bill of materials for wind lattices
    - diagonals, horizontals and furnishings
    - system lengths, cutting lengths, weights and surfaces
    - bolt tables
  • Accumulated frame drawings
    Repetitions are removed and the numbers of the affected items are adjusted
  • Accumulated bill of materials of all the steel in the building


User-specified names on drawing layers, line colours and text heights
The drawings are being generated in the DXF-format
User must have access to a CAD-system, which can read the DXF-format


  • Unsymmetrical saddle roofs and pilt roofs
  • External corner taperings

CAD example:


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